Let’s make this thing our metaphorical campfire

Penny Wilson offers a personal view of the struggles of playwork in a world that undervalues play, and of how the Playwork Foundation represents an opportunity for developing our common cause, building mutual support and working together for the growing recognition we deserve. Sometimes, being a playworker feels isolated. We struggle – with local authorities, … Continue reading Let’s make this thing our metaphorical campfire

Being and becoming

For her Sociology Masters, Lucy Benson used ideas about children’s being and becoming as a foundation for generating research with children. In this abstract, she suggests that though these ideas are not new, they are worth revisiting as a useful foundation for the playwork approach, and for all those with an interest in childhood, and … Continue reading Being and becoming

Politics, playwork and neo-liberalism

NO. 1 IN AN ORIGINAL SERIES OF PAMPHLETS BY GORDON STURROCK In this first of an original series of pamphlets, the UK playwork scholar Gordon Sturrock argues that avoiding the political implications of playwork practice will lead to its continuing, inevitable demise. Nor should we water our politics down to accommodate more dominant discourses. Instead, … Continue reading Politics, playwork and neo-liberalism