What is unique about playwork?

At the launch of the Playwork Foundation in November 2017, Professor Fraser Brown described the elements of playwork practice that he identifies as unique within the children's workforce, using playwork stories to illustrate each point. He has now followed up his presentation with an expanded paper, which can be downloaded below, while the list of unique elements is set … Continue reading What is unique about playwork?

Back to the (possible) Futures of Playwork

In 2007-8 there was an ambitious project to engage the playwork field in a dialogue about its possible future, and the structures it might need to get there. Here, Adrian Voce, who, as Play England's director, initiated the project, and Dr. Pete King, who has researched it, introduce Dr. King's 2015 paper about the initiative, which we are … Continue reading Back to the (possible) Futures of Playwork

Entangled in the midst of it

A diffractive expression of an ethics for playwork by Wendy Russell Abstract The Playwork Principles establish the professional and ethical framework for UK playworkers. They also create contradictions that have an ethical dimension. Following an historical contextualisation, the chapter critiques the assumption of the autonomous rational agent implicit in the Playwork Principles’ understanding of both play … Continue reading Entangled in the midst of it