1. Tony Chilton says:

    Who or What is the “Playwork Foundation” ? As a “founder” member of the Playwork movement in the U.K. (well over 50 years ago) I am more than interested to discover the origin, content and authoritative status of this body.
    Tony Chilton

    • adrianvoce says:

      Hi Tony,

      Nice to hear from you.

      You can read about our origins here https://playworkfoundation.org/about/

      We’re a registered charity but still in early stages of development, funding being hard to come by at present. You may know some of us on the board, such as Ali Wood, Simon Rix, Penny Wilson (who’s just joined) and Karen Benjamin.

      What authoritative status we have is for others to judge, but we take our mandate from a two-year consultation with the field, which you can read about at the link above. I expect our credibility will only grow as fast as we are able to be effective in delivering what the field needs from us; which will be limited until we secure some funding.

      all the best

      Adrian Voce (Board Member)

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