Second edition of ‘Reflective Playwork’ published

Reflective playwork

Bloomsbury has published the second edition of the popular Reflective Playwork, by Ali Wood and Jacky Kilvington.

The authors say that the extensive new content means the book is now aimed at anyone – parent or professional – who wants to better understand play from a child’s perspective, and how to support it using the playwork approach.

The publisher says the second edition is ‘full of anecdotes, practical examples and real-life stories of children playing wherever they find themselves, making it a fascinating as well as informative read.

‘It also gives links to new on-line case-studies that enable other professionals to rethink and reflect on using a supportive rather than a supervisory role in their own settings’.

Ali Wood*, co-author of Reflective Playwork, describes the second edition

In a world where we are ever seeking to protect our children and to encourage their educational progress, it is often overlooked that the need for play is as important as the need for food and sleep. Drawing on playwork methodology, theory and practice, this extensively revised new edition of Reflective Playwork recognises that play is a need for all, and seeks to encourage the provision of time and space for all children to freely enjoy its benefits.

This edition has a greater focus on putting playwork theory into practice to address the needs of all those who work with children and play. Using more stories and case studies from real life situations and a wider range of settings including schools, children’s centres, voluntary organisations and play therapy, Jacky Kilvington and Ali Wood help readers identify how to use the playwork approach and engage in reflective practice whoever and wherever they are.

New and updated for this edition

  • Key questions, reflection opportunities and further reading suggestions have been updated to include the latest research, terminology and current concerns for children and young people;
  • An updated glossary highlighting key playwork terminology;
  • A new chapter on playable spaces;
  • A new chapter on applying the playwork approach in other professions in the children’s workforce, and within continuing professional development
  • A wider look at play and playwork across the Western world;
  • A renewed focus on showing links between playwork practice and other types of practice.

*Ali Wood is a trustee of the Playwork Foundation. This article is written in her personal capacity.

Reflective playwork

Reflective Playwork – For all who work with children,  by Ali Wood and Jacky Kilvington, is published by Bloomsbury.

To order a discounted copy visit Meynell Games Books


Reviews for Reflective Playwork

“This new edition strongly validates both children’s play and the reflective practices of adults who support children’s play. But perhaps more importantly, this text is a treasure trove of resources and examples that should resonate with those who teach playwork, those who are students in a field of childhood studies, and just about anyone interested in improving their effectiveness in working with children.”

–  Sue Marie Wright, Professor of Children’s Studies, Eastern Washington University, USA

“This much revised second edition is full of beautiful observations about the daily reality of children’s play, and the challenges facing those who work with children. The authors manage to make difficult concepts accessible, and I especially enjoyed their many reflections all firmly rooted in personal experience.”

–  Fraser Brown, Professor of Playwork, Leeds Beckett University, UK

“If you work with playing children or spend time with them you will be in no doubt that playing is important to children but often bemusing to adults. This book presents a comprehensive range of accessible information on the subjects of play, how we might better understand it, and work with it. If you care about children, you care about play and you should read this book.”

–  Ben Tawil, Senior Lecturer in Playwork, Leeds Beckett University, UK


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